"I know that deep in my heart I want to be a part of something that is a community of people interested in the creation of a high performance team that wants more than anything to give something back to those that are struggling and those that are less fortunate."
~Tony Kent 

I want to help others live a life of freedom 
and help them to help themselves 
so they can live their dreams.

Because energy flows along the path of least resistance, we must learn to look at the structures in our lives and change them if we want to change the flow of energy. 

By looking at, and honestly facing our current reality, we can then create structures that will advance us towards our desired outcomes.

Awaken Your Inner Magician to Create Abundant Wealth!

A comprehensive how-to guide covering spiritual principles with practical application in order to create a life that reflects one's dreams.

Presented in a step-by-step approach, this book takes you through the actual steps of having an abundant life which includes creating a life purpose statement, balancing your life, and building harmonious relationships. The most important part of this book is that it reveals ancient spiritual secrets and instructs you how to utilize your Divine connection to create a life of joy, empowerment, and abundance. 
About Tony Kent

By most people’s standards, my life is magical. I was an elite fashion photographer in
 France; created wealth through various business ventures and became financially 
independent, and enjoy loving relationships with my wife and children. What stands out
 about my “life resume” is how all this came about and what that can mean for anyone who 
I am able to work with.

As a young man, I dreamed of being a photographer. I had some skills, some natural gifts, but mostly I possessed a dream and pursued it with perseverance and dedication. On a shoestring budget, I stopped at nothing in order to achieve my dream.

Years later I enjoyed the fruits of this persistence and dedication as I was the official photographer for Princess Grace, photographing Richard Nixon and other presidents, and a regular contributor for French Vogue, the quintessential magazine for fashion. I traveled in elite circles in the fashion, acting, and music world. What started as a dream had become my life work, I became known as one of the best photographers in the world.

I had it all - or so I thought.

And then it fell apart.   

As my life unraveled, I found myself in despair.  Years later I discovered that my life had been built on a shaky foundation. It had been based on self and ego rather than divine truth. I “crashed and burned” and was in a deep, dark pit. The person who brought me through this time of darkness is a spiritual teacher (hidden from most in the West). The ancient teachings from him created a solid foundation and transformed me. My spiritual connection to the Divine became the cornerstone of how I lived and moved in life. As a result of my experience with these transformative teachings, I made it my mission to bring this teacher to the US. Over the last 15 years it has been my joy and honor to be his companion as he has traveled and taught all around the country.

I want to help others live a life of freedom and help them to help themselves so they can live their dreams. 

Empowered with spiritual principles, I rebuilt my life. I was attracted to network marketing because of the mathematics of leverage and the freedom it afforded. I was not an overnight success. I failed forward to success, learning from my mistakes, just as I did in becoming an elite photographer. This time I understood the power of spiritual principles applied to business which created a new foundation for my life of service and purpose. My purpose is now to be of service in the world and help others help themselves in the same way (my teacher) had been helped me.

My spiritual teacher taught me that I should 
never be a slave to the material world, 
but that I should let the material world be a slave for me.

Applying these principles, I became a top million dollar producer in Cell Tech. As a result of this success, I traveled all over the country training and supporting people to build successful businesses by using these sacred teachings. Through this experience I wrote my first book on how to build a business using spiritual principles. – Walking in Awareness: Personal Growth through Network Marketing.

Presently I am a top independent business owner in TriVita. I have earned the top award in the company and recognized as a “Million Dollar” award winner.  These sacred teachings instilled visionary leadership in me, which led me to establish a non -profit as a position in TriVita. This non-profit is also at the highest status level of the company, Presidential Director. It is the first non-profit to ever achieve this status.

Because energy flows along the path of least resistance, we must learn to look at the structures in our lives and change them if we want to change the flow of energy. 

By looking at, and honestly facing our current reality, we can then create structures that will advance us towards our desired outcomes.  We cannot build and contain an organization bigger than we are.

Being so successful in these companies has allowed me to put my business on auto-pilot so that I have the freedom to pursue additional things that are my heart’s desire.  One of these is the non-profit which supports bringing my teacher, and the spiritual principles he teaches to many throughout the world. In addition, the non-profit helps to build primary schools for orphans.

My life IS magical and blessed. However, what is unique is that I know that EVERY person has the same potential-to create a magical life. Uniquely able to help others as a result of my own personal journey, I am dedicated to supporting people to find and live their life purpose.

In the same way I learned to capture beauty in photography, the artist in me hones in on each person’s passion.  I connect with each person I mentor, help them to manifest their divine purpose, the essence of their potential, and actualize this in their lives.

Once your purpose is discovered, 
the spiritual artist within, powerfully and intuitively guides you to discover and connect to your passion 
and bring it into your life.

What we earn is not a true measure of our wealth, 
it is what we give.

"The moment you meet Tony Kent, you know he's the real deal. Honest, inspirational, sincere, and encouraging; anyone can feel a bond with Tony from their first encounter. He is a master marketer and everything he does he does with integrity. I recommend Tony Kent to anyone looking for help in growing their business "
~Daren Falter, Co-Founder - Yoli 

  "Tony has mastered one of the most important aspects of life, caring about people, and he knows how to help people discover this force."
~Christian Drapeau, Founder - 
Stem Tech Health Sciences

"Tony Kent was absolutely amazing as he was the perfect choice to demonstrate reciprocity and his unconditional giving spirit!"
~Terry Newsome, Director International 
Sales & Business Development- TriVita

This book covers:
· Enhancing your relationships with money
· Transforming pain and loss into abundance and joy 
· Constructing your life purpose statement
· Creating a balanced life
· Tapping into the power of Divine love 
· Creating harmonious and loving relationships
· Utilizing hope, gratitude, and right action
· Experiencing forgiveness
· Moving beyond constriction, fear, doubt, and negative thoughts/emotions
· Utilizing Divine Love to create success

And much more!

This is a book about creating wealth from within by learning to strengthen yourself spiritually through a deeper understanding of the ancient spiritual traditions as found in the great Holy Books. Guided by the author and his spiritual teacher from the Holy Land, the book will entertain, educate and empower you to discover the magic within you.

Easy to understand and follow systems and techniques will help you clearly define your purpose, balance your life, improve your relationship with money and with others, and learn to manifest your desires and live a truly magical life.

If you can relate to any of these statements, then this book and the online modules are perfect for you. They will help you chart your course to have your own business, more love, fulfillment and joy in your life. Create a deep loving and lasting relationship with your partner, your children, your friends.
You are looking to escape the rat race and work for yourself
You are you living the dreams of others’ expectations in life
You feel that you aren’t maximizing your potential
You looking for a partner in life
You want to learn to monetize your talents and abilities
You'd like to gain a deeper understanding of how to be a better parent
You'd like to create abundance in all the areas of your life
You feel stuck living a life of mediocrity


Get Started find your Happiness Now
By Laurie S.  
We all need Inspiration ...
The book Make Your Life Magical is an incredible tool for organizing your inspirational ideas and then watching them manifest.  It offers clear steps, practical "know how" that will carry you on your way to happiness and creating a life that is your dream. This potent book I highly recommend!

Positive re-direction!
By Jessica 
This really isn't just a book. It's more like a workbook that will help re-focus your life and re-align you with the life you've always wanted to live. Each incredible chapter ends with a valuable exercise that will help you define what you really want in life. By the end of the book, you'll have a road-map to a better you and a clearer understanding of how to work towards that life you've always dreamed of in a practical and, most importantly, doable way. 

By david k 
I have been reading all genres of self help and spiritual journey types of books for over 30 years, and all I can say is WOW! While so many of them are the same old rehashed cliches and common knowledge, so much of this book is new, fresh and provocative. I just completed reading this entire book in 2 days and I can't tell you how appreciative I am of Tony Kent for writing it and sharing his wisdom. I loved the content, style and all of the personal stories shared as examples. I had many insights and revelations from reading it, and I'm now sharing it with others. It is full of hope, inspiration and Magical wealth and happiness!

Finding the Magic
By Robert Tobin 
Really enjoyed this. This is a great guide that outlines and reinforces how success, happiness, and life fulfillment go hand in hand. I would really suggest this for someone who feels stuck in a rut, is unhappy, or feels they are missing something and can't figure out what is holding them back. A beautiful book and a great read. Highly recommended.

Inspiration and Motivation=Personal Transformation 
By Renee Bozorg-omid, PhD 
During the first hour of reading Make Your Life Magical, I was able to refocus my attention on identifying my life's passions instead of getting side tracked by the distractions in my life. By the second hour of reading I was inspired to define a specific plan to get me moving toward my goals. By the third hour of reading I had already started taking action toward my goals! I appreciated the experiential exercises embedded in each chapter. Working through the exercises is really what starts the process of internal change. The author, Tony Kent, encouraged me to take pause, with gentle reminders throughout the book that action is required for change. I found this a great companion piece to his previous work, Journey to know the Truth: Healing the Heart. Make Your Life Magical is a practical guide to personal transformation.

Thank you for this book that is both Inspirational and Motivational!

The Journey towards a Magical Life Starts Now
By lindslar 
With all of the stresses of daily life - work, relationships, money, defeat - it's easy to lose your way. Make Your Life Magical was just what I needed to turn things around for myself, and now I've jump-started my personal journey to true wealth and happiness. Tony, thank you for sharing your personal journey and making it relatable to my life. Now I am confident that I can and will lead a magical life, starting now!

By Jason kent
Inspiration from cover to cover. Loved the content and the writing style makes it really easy to understand and apply. This is truly a book that can set you a journey of personal transformation to a more fulfilling and magical life. Can't say enough about the value this brought to me on my path to improve mine. Thanks so much  for sharing your wisdom. 

Amazing Book... A Must Read!!
By Jimmy 

This is an amazing book and the content in these pages is a journey to a magical life. I highly recommend everyone get this book, read it, and apply what you learn.

I love this book and find it very practical

This book is one of the best books I have ever read! It contains tools and how to's to support work and spiritual life. The author breaks down ambiguities into very simple concepts and shows the steps/actions that need to be taken to understand and apply them in the daily life. I love this book and find it very practical. I see myself using it frequently. From a scale 0 to 10, I will give it 100.

Personal Experience
By Andrew C Houck 
My wife and I have known Tony for 6 years and he has helped us to completely transform the way that we look at wealth in our life. We received many spiritual gifts from his book, My Journey to Know the Truth: Healing the Broken Heart, and now the tools and secrets that have transformed our financial lives are available to the public as well! Blessings on Tony and his family, and our most heartfelt encouragement to the public to buy a copy of this book!

If you want real wealth and deeper meaning in your life, the 
exercises in this report are the #1 most important thing you can 
do NOW!

If you're overworked and underpaid, longing to start your own
business, this book is for you!
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Tony has worked side by side with one of the great living Gnostic teachers for the last 20 years,
 and this book shares how he has applied these spiritual teachings to transform his life, 
and how these teachings can transform your life as well!